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Cosmos II Computer Case

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A Closer Look Continued – Going Inside

Cosmos II Full Tower Case

With the side door open you get a chance to see how the air flows in to the case from the door. The lower fans located at the bottom hard drive rack pull air in from the lower part of the door, but if you want more air flow you can add two more by mounting to the door.

Cosmos II Computer Case computer case, Cooler Master, Cosmos II, Full Tower 1


OK so you have seen that the doors swing out from the case like a regular door does, but how didcooler Master accomplish this. Anchoring a heavy duty metal hinge (I am so happy that they did not cheap put and try to use some sort of plastic one) to the case frame that houses some vertical grooves. These grooves are used as part of the process that the doors can be removed. Located on the door is a metal plate that has four mushroom headed pins that are the locking mechanism. When you lift the door the pins slide up the grooves and come out of the hinges. This process is reversed when you reinstall the doors. 


Cooler Master Cosmos II

The interior of the Cosmos II is like the outer shell, all black. So what else do we see here, hmm…we see enough room that it looks like we could get two systems in here. Actually I bet you could fit a micro-ITX in to here along with a full size motherboard (now that I said that someone out there will do it). 



Cosmos II Full Tower Case

So what I have done here is take the same image from above and added some colored squares. These areas are to show you how Cooler Master has designed the case to be divided into two compartments. The upper half of case houses the motherboard and all the goodies that go along with that, while the lower half keeps the hot power supply away for the area we always want to keep cooler. 

Starting at the top half there is plenty of room around the hardware to allow for maximum air flow for cooling. With a 200mm fan at the front pushing in a good amount of air and with preinstalled 140mm fan at the rear and a single 120mm at the top you are given a good amount of air flow right out of the box. turning to the lower section and with the air intake for the power supply coming from the bottom of the and out the back of the PSU they are able to cut down the amount of hot air that enters the lower section of the case; add to that the cooling fans at are placed at the lower fan to cool down any drive placed there and you have plenty of air.


Cosmos II Computer Case computer case, Cooler Master, Cosmos II, Full Tower 2

So how do they achieve the separation from the top half and the bottom, with a plate. The plate extends from the front of the case to the rear with a few outlets that can be used to pass items through in case it might be needed. The same style of grommets are use in this plate that are used on the motherboard base.

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