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Cosmos II Computer Case

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Final Thoughts

Cooler Master Cosmos II

What do you want me to say here? Could blow smoke and make everyone happy and so forth, but hey why. If you read the review and you watched the video them you pretty much got all the information you need to make an informed conclusion about the Cooler Master II Ultimate Full Tower Case. BUT, in case you have not read the review, skipped the video and jumped to the final page then here you go… Is the case large, uh he#$ yeah big enough to rent out as small condo in California and ask $1000 a month for. It is heavy enough (48lbs empty), strong and ridged enough to withstand a earthquake (or a drive to a LAN in the back of your pick-up down that dirt road to the main the main highway).


Seriously I am very impressed with the attention to detail and thought that Cooler Master has put in to the newest member of the Cosmos team. Every time I opened a new part of the case and explored it I became more impress with it. From the large options to the tiny things that most might not notice makes this a high caliber stylish case that you really need to look at and if you want to impress your friends then this is a MUST HAVE case. I think it will be really hard for Cooler Master to top this case with the next one, but when they do…wholly $#% I want it!




– Can hold more hard drives than I have owned in my life so far
– Bunches of options for cooling with fans and water
– Bitch’in side panel doors
– Comes in black, but other colors are soon to come


– On the heavy side
– Pricey for the none enthusiast 

Modders-Inc Hardware Score


Cooler Master Cosmos II



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