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Cosmos II Computer Case

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A Closer Look

Our video below will give you an overlook of the Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case. For a closer look and details please continue reading the review… after you watch the video.

Cooler Master Cosmos II

Looking at the left side panel we can see that the door panel appears to made of something different than the rest of the case. The side panel is skinned with aluminum while the rest of the door is made of high strength plastic. A horizontal brushed effect is on the door giving it a unique look and style.

Cooler Master Cosmos II

Taking a closer look we can also see that there are some air vents in the lower to mid section of the cases side panel. These does give the case some styling flare, but they are there for a purpose which we will talk about later.

Cooler Master Cosmos IICooler Master Cosmos II

Moving our attention the forward part of the case it is noticeable that there is a cover of the upper drive bays. This cover slides down the face of the case and stop until all the lower bays are shown. Even when all the cover is all the way down the there is still plenty of air flow into the case. 

Cooler Master Cosmos II

While still looking at the front of the case I decided to give you a look with the side panels opened up. This gives you a are view and a great reference as to where the air intake vents on the side panels are located.

Cooler Master Cosmos II

The lower two drive bays are for hot swappable drives that can be locked with a barrel style key (which is included) to keep wondering hands from acquiring any of the drives. The larger raised part to the left of all the drive covers is the release and locking lever. 

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