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SilverStone Grandia GD08 HTPC Case Reviews –

The trend in HTPC these days seems to be getting smaller. With both AMD and Intel integrating graphics and memory controllers on-die, there’s not as much space needed on a motherboard for other components and mini-ITX has gotten very popular for these types of applications. SilverStone makes many different sizes and styles of HTPC cases and if small is your ... Read More »

SilverStone CP11 Review | APH Networks

What we have here today at APH Networks is SilverStone’s very own SATA cables: the CP11. They claim that it is the world’s thinnest and most low-profile SATA cable. So what’s the big deal, anyway? Well, if you’re into technological style, these SATA cables would look pretty appealing, especially in a windowed chassis. It’s almost as good as slapping LED ... Read More »

SilverStone Ensemble EB03 Headphone Amplifier Review EB03 844761010621, Aidan Moore, Ensemble Series EB03, Headphone Amplifier, Review, SilverStone, SST-EB03B

Silverstone has recently introduced two audio products to their extensive collection of computer peripherals. The Ensemble Series now includes the EB03 headphone amplifier, which is the subject of this review, and the companion EB01-E DAC. via SilverStone Ensemble EB03 Headphone Amplifier Review EB03 844761010621, Aidan Moore, Ensemble Series EB03, Headphone Amplifier, Review, SilverStone, SST-EB03B. Read More »

Silverstone Raven RV04 Case Review | Hardware Asylum

The Silverstone Raven series is a special line of cases that allow the designers to try new and sometimes unconventional ideas. The most famous of these was the rotated motherboard layout that turned the motherboard such that your video cards exhausted out the top of the case. Doing this allowed for heat to naturally rise and also allowed Silverstone to ... Read More »

Silverstone PT13 and AR04

When it comes to small form factor builds our main focus has been on builds that can fit high powered video cards for LAN use. But the truth to the matter is there are a lot more people who are looking to build small PCs for routers, HTPCs, and just to save room on your desk. As someone who has ... Read More »

SilverStone ML05 HTPC Case Review SilverStone-Benchmarkreviews

The deceptively small ML05 HTPC case from SilverStone sits in a class of its own. Part of the Milo series of entry-level HTPC cases (designed to incorporate features from the Grandia series in a slim form factor), the ML05 is one of the most inexpensive home theater enclosures on the market. Essentially half the size of the previously reviewed micro-ATX ... Read More »

SilverStone ML04 Milo HTPC mATX Case Review SilverStone ML04 844761010232, HTPC, mATX, Milo ML04, SilverStone ML04, SST-ML04B, Tom Jaskulka

Benchmark Reviews was recently given the chance to sample the Milo ML04 HTPC micro-ATX case from SilverStone. Possibly an under-appreciated corner of the PC case market, a good home theater case can provide a subtle home for some powerful components. With computers making a gradual shift from the office to the living room and form factors steadily decreasing in size, ... Read More »

SilverStone AR02 CPU Cooler Review | Hardware Secrets

This time, we tested the SilverStone AR02 CPU cooler. It has a tower heatsink, three 6 mm heatpipes and one 92 mm fan, supporting up to two fans. Let’s see if this “compact” cooler performs well. SilverStone AR02 CPU Cooler Review | Hardware Secrets. Read More »

SilverStone Tundra TD02 240mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review – eTeknix

The build up to SilverStone’s Tundra series of All-In-One closed loop liquid CPU coolers has been a very exciting one for me. While quite a few of news sites falsely reported that the Tundra is based on a collaboration between SilverStone and Asetek/CoolIT, the Tundra series is unique because it is entirely in-house. That means SilverStone designed everything themselves from ... Read More »

SilverStone Redline RL04 Case Review | Hardware Secrets

“The Redline RL04 is a mid-tower case from SilverStone targeted to users on a budget, costing only USD 53. Yet, it brings features usually only seen on more expensive models. Let’s see what the RL04 has to offer.   SilverStone Redline RL04 Case Review | Hardware Secrets. Read More »