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ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming SLI/ac Review

Redefining the Budget Board.

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The front of the box has the ASRock logo in the top right-hand corner. The Phantom Gaming logo is displayed predominantly in the center of the box. On the bottom right-hand corner is are the Z390 and Phantom Gaming SLI/ac branding. To the left, there are icons for Intel’s Optane Memory, Intel’s 9th generation of Core Processors, Intel’s Z390 Chipset and ASRock’s Polychrome Sync. This is their RGB Software. There is also a sticker in the center stating that this board supports 9th gen processors.

The rear of the box is where most of the information can be found. The Z390 and Phantom Gaming SLI/ac branding in on the top left-hand corner of the back of the box. Directly below that is an image of the Z390 Phantom Gaming SLI/ac and a depiction on the IO of the motherboard just below that. On the bottom left, there are the technical specifications of the Z390 Phantom Gaming SLI/ac. To the right is a list of some of the key features of the Phantom Gaming SLI/ac. Some of these features include the Phantom Gaming 2.5 Gb/s LAN, dual-band 802.11 ac WiFi and dual Ultra M.2 slots.


The ASRock Phantom Gaming SLI’ac comes wrapped in an anti-static bag and packed with an array of accessories. The Phantom Gaming SLI/ac comes packed with a user manual and quick start guide. The board also comes with the WiFi antennas, SATA cables, an HB, or high bandwidth SLI bridge, M.2 mounting screws, I/O shield and a coaster in the form of a driver disk.

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