CES 2009 from Las Vegas

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This was pretty cool. What we are looking at is touch, well maybe it might just located you hand, projection setup. What they did was use some overhead LCD projectors and put the screen onto large clear pad on a glass panel. This allowed you to use all you fingers and move any part of the screen to any location. 

CES 2009 from Las Vegas CES 1

What  we see here are two netbooks that are aimed towards learning. These ultra portables have a handle across the top and are bit more rugged than your normal laptop. Also they have special software that can turn them into textbook. Even with my aging eyes I was able to read the text with a problem. The netbooks come in two styles, the normal clam shell or as a tablet. The price range right now is about $300-600. The tablet version is a must have for me as I was trying to figure out how to run out of the event with it.

CES 2009 from Las Vegas CES 2

Ok so we have all seen mini laptops, but have you seen this small. The screen this thing is just under 5 inches. I first thought it was a kids toy. click on the image for the specs.

CES 2009 from Las Vegas CES 3

SSD Drive are leading the way to the future and Intel is pushing the speeds with them and they won an award at the show with their new drive.

CES 2009 from Las Vegas CES 4

Not only did they have some cool stuff but they had some might fine girls there.

CES 2009 from Las Vegas CES 5

One of the other sights you will see at CES is all the shows that are broadcasting from the event.

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